$7,500–$300,000 NFT-holders-only club set to open in SF, holders still have to pay for their food

Artist rendering of a building with curved Japanese-temple-like roofs, amidst a park surrounded by skyscrapersArtist's rendering of the Sho Restaurant (attribution)
Salesforce Park, a suspended park area underneath the Salesforce Tower, has been described as intentionally unwelcoming to the many unhoused San Franciscans it looms atop. Parts of the new restaurant intended to loom over Salesforce Park are even more ostentatious and exclusive—people will need to pay between $7,500–$300,000 to gain access to the members-only Sho Club at the Sho Restaurant, which is set to open in autumn 2023.

The Sho Restaurant does plan to allow members of the public as well as NFT holders, and even the holders will still have to pay for their food. NFT holders also get access to the exclusive Sho Club, and things like "Access to all future Sho Club lounges" (no such lounges appear to be in planning). Those who pay $15,000 or $300,000 for top two tiers of NFTs receive access to perks including a "Monthly curated omakase members dinner (food & beverage not included).