What is this?

Web3 is Going Just Great is a project to track some examples of how things in the blockchains/crypto/web3 technology space aren't actually going as well as its proponents might like you to believe. The timeline tracks events in cryptocurrency and blockchain-based technologies, dating back to the beginning of 2021.

This is a personal project of mine, and reflects my own opinions. If you are looking for an unbiased descriptor of web3 and related technologies, there are short ones in the Glossary, but that is not the goal of this site. I would recommend Wikipedia for that (and if the pages there are lacking, I would strongly encourage you to contribute to them!) If you would like to see a version of this website that takes a different approach or covers a different topic, this is all open-source, so please feel free to fork the code and make your own!

Who am I?

I'm Molly White, a software engineer, writer, and critical researcher of cryptocurrency and the tech industry more broadly. I am a fellow at the Harvard Library Innovation Lab. You can learn more about me on my website or find me on Twitter.

If you are interested, I also have a collection of longer-form, less sarcastic thoughts on blockchains and web3, and I also write a newsletter.

Privacy and money

I have a disclosure statement. The TL;DR is that I hold no substantial amount of cryptocurrencies and no NFTs, and am also not trying to make money off of crypto markets doing poorly by shorting the market, etc. I do have a Substack for people who wish to support my work, and I also accept donations for the website. I am a paid Fellow at the Harvard Library Innovation Lab.

The site does use Google Analytics, mostly for my own curiosity. All IP data is anonymized, no advertising features are enabled, and data retention is set to the minimum value (14 months). If you would rather not be tracked by Google Analytics, there are great extensions like Privacy Badger, or you can disable JavaScript for this site.