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If you were hoping to donate, please consider donating to causes that need it more than me, like ColorStack, Underdog Devs, Girls Who Code*, or Black Girls Code*. This project also benefits enormously from the non-profit Free Law Project, which provides invaluable access to court records for free.

While I accept donations to cover what I pay to keep the site online, I created the project with the expectation that I would pay for it out-of-pocket, so this isn't a scenario where the site will come offline if hosting costs aren't covered by donations. I don't want to make money from the siteā€”for that reason I've included details on exactly how much this site has actually cost me to run below, and if the amount I've received in donations surpasses the amount I've paid to date (plus the projected costs for the following month), the donation links will be removed.

DescriptionDateAmount (USD)
Domains (3 @ $9.16, one-year reg.)December 2021$27.48
Cloud services**February 2022$15.26
Cloud servicesMarch 2022$35.23
Cloud servicesApril 2022$28.69
Cloud servicesMay 2022$41.80
Cloud servicesJune 2022$40.03
Cloud servicesJuly 2022$38.01
Cloud services estimateAugust 2022$40.00
Total expenses to date (including next month's estimate)$266.50
Total donations to date$456.59
Remaining donations

Donations are closed for now. Consider making a donation to ColorStack, Underdog Devs, Girls Who Code*, or Black Girls Code* instead!

* Both Girls Who Code and Black Girls Code have partnered with crypto projects in the past. While I don't support that decision, I do think they are doing enormously good work towards helping the demographics they focus on. To my knowledge, neither UnderdogDevs nor ColorStack have crypto entanglements, if you are more comfortable donating to them.

** Cloud services costs begin in February because those services were covered by intro credits until then.